For those of you out there with a Samsung 3D TV but are still frustrated with the lack of 3D content, there’s a new app that will solve your worries.

Owners of a Samsung 3D TV, which is the majority of 3D TV owners in the US, can go to the Internet @ TV menu to find the new “Explore 3D” app available from Samsung. It’s a free download.

The app currently only has three pieces of content – trailers for Shrek Forever After, Megamind, and How to Train Your Dragon. The trailers are streamed in real-time in full 3D resolution. 3D glasses are, of course, required.

However, there are other tabs for video clips and premium video, though nothing is available in those sections at this time.

Samsung had teased that it was working on a digital download option for 3D content streamed directly to the TV, but no one really expected such an app to be available so soon.

This means that any Samsung 3D TV owner with an Internet connection can access 3D content. No need for a special Blu-ray player, special Blu-ray movies, a PS3, or a specific cable provider.

Samsung recently launched its own e-commerce platform for Internet-connected TVs, allowing developers to create premium apps access directly through the TV. The newly launched 3D app would assumedly tap into that infrastructure, meaning hopefully in the near future, viewers will be able to buy and watch full-length 3D movies directly through their TV with no external hardware.

This will provide Samsung with a huge competitive advantage over other 3D TV makers which still have to combat the problem that there just isn’t a heck of a lot of 3D content available.