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Motorola Droid Pro Now on Sale at Best Buy, Amazon

The newly-launched Motorola Droid Pro is currently being sold for $49.99 and $19.99 at Best Buy and Amazon respectively. Of course, a two-year old service agreement with Verizon Wireless is required. Customers can pick up the Motorola Droid Pro for $130 less than Verizon Wireless at both online

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Motorola has launches New Milestone 2 smartphone.

Handset maker Motorola has launched the successor to its Milestone high-end smartphone – appropriately named the Milestone 2. The Milestone is essentially the same as the Droid in the US, but this one is analogous to to the Droid 2, not the Droid X. We hope that’s clear now. One thing th

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Motorola Releases Two New Android Smartphones

Motorola is placing two new bets on the open-source Android operating system with the release of its Backflip and Devour smartphones. The uniquely designed Backflip began selling through AT&T Wireless late last week, and the Detour is now available from Verizon Wireless. The 3G/Wi-Fi Backflip, a

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