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Crysis 3 early details revealed

The newest entry in one of the hottest PC gaming franchises is getting primed and ready. We’re talking about Crysis 3. The game is poised to be an even more immersing, graphically impressive, and incredibly riveting experience than ever before, leaving fans salivating for any sort of informati

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Lost Planet 3: Officially Announced by Capcom.

Rejoice boys and girls, deadly snow and giant alien’s are back once again, Lost Planet 3 officially announced by Capcom with a debut trailer, Game is being developed by Spark Unlimited  who brought gamers Turning Point: Fall of Liberty back in 2008. By the looks of the trailer a slight divers

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Max Payne hits iOS on April 12, Android on April 26

Rockstar legend Max Payne is gearing to bring a bit of noir carnage to a smartphone near you. Max Payne Mobile is set to launch on iOS later this week, April 12 to be exact, while an Android version should be ready by April 26. All iOS devices back to the iPhone 3GS are supported, including all iPad

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Sony boasts 90 million PSN accounts

Tens of millions of people have taken their PS3, PSP, or Playstation Vita online. That was one of the talking points from a Sony presentation at the Game Developers Conference this week. The event, which is of course geared toward people who make games, was a chance for Sony to appeal to independent

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