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Google Chrome most popular internet browser

Google Chrome has overtaken Internet Explorer as the most used web browser  according to the latest reports. It’s the first time the browser, which was launched in 2008, has topped the charts for most popular browser though its rise to the top has been anticipated. The data, gathered from Statco

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Google Project Glass: a new way to see the world

Google unveiled “Project Glass” earlier this week, an undertaking that it hopes will bring eyewear equipped with heads-up display technology to the masses. The new glasses currently in development include an integrated transparent display that projects images and data in the wearer’s field of

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Chrome 15 Becomes World’s Most Popular Browser

Google’s Chrome 15 browser is now the most popular browser build in the world. New data from StatCounter suggests that Chrome 15 recently reached a total global market share of 23.6% compared to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 market share of 23.5%. Internet Explorer still has the largest global

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Google+ now has 25 million users

Google is trying to be the industry leader in every Internet service. It looks like it’s working, they’re getting people to use their social networking services at Google+ at a fast pace. According to Reuters, Google+ has gained 25 million users. That makes it the fastest growing website to garn

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Google toolbar is no more for Firefox 5

Firefox fans who’ve updated to the latest version and are waiting patiently for Google Toolbar compatibility, we’ve got some bad news – Google isn’t playing ball. First of all, we’d like to thank all of our loyal users of Google Toolbar for Firefox. We deeply appreciate

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