No girlfriend? No life beyond gaming? Join the club – a new social network service is betting on there being a lot of you out there.

GameCrush allows players to fork out cash for the pleasure of playing hardcore games with attractive women.

First, the user browses profiles of women – PlayDates – which show their photos and list their ‘turn-ons’. All utterly truthful, we’re sure.

Then, after registration, $8.25 buys a game session, with $1.65 going to the lucky female as a tip. Classy.

To start with, the service supports only a few Xbox 360 games, including Modern Warfare 2, Gears of War 2,
and Halo. There are also some casual games hosted on the GameCrush website; one presumes that even Tic Tac Toe is exciting if your opponent is stacked enough.

GameCrush is promising support for the Wii, Playstation 3 and World of Warcraft online gaming in future.

Games last five or ten minutes, and players can engage in online chat at the same time. They even get to specify just how flirty and dirty they want their PlayDate to be – just like a real date.

Don’t all rush to join, though – the company’s servers are currently down as it has been “overwhelmed by the interest”