The new desktop software will offer Windows 7 Facebook users access to Chat, the ticker feed and notifications. The standalone application is targeted towards users of Facebook’s chat service. Facebook’s most popular application on its platform is the Windows Live Messenger client which has 18.2 million daily active users. The new Messenger application was developed entirely by Facebook according to TechCrunch. The application only works on Windows 7 and Microsoft has reportedly not been involved in the development process.

Facebook and Microsoft have both been working together closely over a number of features on the popular social networking site. Facebook announced a video calling service earlier this year, powered by Microsoft’s Skype service. The service allows Facebook users to simply call a friend from a button at the top of an existing chat window. Facebook’s latest video feature sees Microsoft’s Skype service integrated fully into Facebook. Skype and Facebook users can also exchange chat messages using the Skype service. Facebook’s new timeline feature makes use of Microsoft’s Bing Maps to highlight user check-ins and other map days. Microsoft has been working closely with Facebook for its Windows Phone, Hotmail, Bing and Windows Live integration. Facebook’s messaging system also uses Microsoft’s Office Web Apps suite. Facebook users can also view Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents in their browser.


Orignal at TechCrunch