Microsoft detailed its new Hotmail features on Thursday. The company has been updating Hotmail over the past week to include a number of new features. Hotmail users will now notice a new right-click menu that allows them to reply, reply all, or forward messages. The feature expands on other right-click options that Hotmail already supports such as Mark as unread, Delete, Junk, Move and View message source. “Just like in Outlook, it’s even quicker to take care some of your most common tasks using that second button on your mouse,” says Microsoft’s Dick Craddock.

Hotmail now supports a number of new keyboard shortcuts that are identical to Outlook. Ctrl+N will create a new message and ctrl+enter will allow Hotmail users to send their message. Microsoft has also added in Yahoo and Gmail shortcuts too. # (from gmail) can now be used to delete messages and N (from Yahoo) will create a new email message. Microsoft has published a full list of Hotmail keyboard shortcuts here.

Microsoft has also been addressing a number of common complaints during its updates to Hotmail this week. The company has improved how the back button works and how attachments get saved with draft mails. Deleted messages are now easier to recover through a new link in the deleted folder. “And as some of you may have noticed, we’ve started rolling out speed improvements that combine smart programming with the best of HTML5 to make your inbox super fast,” says Craddock. “We’ll tell you more about this in the coming days.”

The Hotmail updates are available immediately.