Windows 7 is by no means without its own problems, albeit in a volume far less consistent compared to Windows Vista’s. Still, users of the latest iteration of the Windows client will stumble across glitches in the operating system, some more severe than others, some just annoyances. As far as printing from Windows 7 is concerned, Microsoft informs that customers might find themselves unable to print large page documents using the platform. “The problem will occur if “(Paper Width in inches * dpi) * (Paper Length in inches * dpi)” results in a number larger than 4GB (0xFFFFFFFF),” the company noted. The deal breaking combination is a mixture of high resolution content and large paper size, Microsoft said.
“You are unable to print a document on a large paper size at a high resolution from a Windows 7 client. For example, printing at 600×600 dpi one page which printable area is 40″ x 300″ will fail. The same page will be printed fine when printed at 300×300 dpi,” the software giant revealed.

There is a solution already available for end users to deal with this issue. However, Microsoft is not offering an update or a hotfix, or any sort of automatic resolve for that matter. Still, the fix is simple enough that it can be easily implemented manually, and in fact this is what the Redmond company is advising customers to do.

“Add the following registry DWORD and set the value to 1 (if the printer driver is using EMF data type) or 2 (if the printer driver uses RAW data type): [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows] “UMPDSecurityLevel” – DWORD – “0x1” or “0x2”,” Microsoft noted.

Customers that add the registry key value as advised by Microsoft should be able to print high resolution content on large paper with no more problems, in scenarios in which any of the Windows 7 editions is being used.

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