Google’s Chrome 15 browser is now the most popular browser build in the world. New data from StatCounter suggests that Chrome 15 recently reached a total global market share of 23.6% compared to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 market share of 23.5%.

Internet Explorer still has the largest global market share if you combine all versions of the browser, however. While Chrome 15 may be more popular on a global scale, that’s still not the case here at home in the United States where it had an 18.1% market share as of December 5th, while Internet Explorer 8 had a 27% share. ”Looking at the daily stats, Chrome 14 and 15 have been overtaking IE8 at weekends since the beginning of October,” StatCounter CEO Aodhan Cullen said. ”However, Chrome 15 overtook IE8 for the first time during the five day working week, in [the] week commencing [December 5th]. It looks as if people favor Chrome on weekends at home but office commercial use has now caught up.” The full press release from StatCounter follows below.