Google Chrome has overtaken Internet Explorer as the most used web browser  according to the latest reports.

It’s the first time the browser, which was launched in 2008, has topped the charts for most popular browser though its rise to the top has been anticipated.

Google Chrome

The data, gathered from Statcounter, makes for further painful reading for Internet Explorer as Chrome’s popularity is down to more people switching from using IE, and Firefox, meaning the gulf between them is growing at a rapid rate.

Microsoft, the company behind Internet Explorer is sure to come back fighting withrumours of IE 10 arriving later this year. Yet with Google Chrome itself evolving with a number of extensions available from its store, it won’t be easy.

Google’s also enjoying success on the mobile browsing platform, with Statcounter claiming the company’s Android Robot browser had overtaken Opera as the most popular search engine in March.

From our own research we know that Chrome is the most popular browser with you guys, with 29% of Pocket-lint’s readers preferring Google’s offering.