During its recap of iOS 5 features, Apple revealed that the new iOS will be coming on October 12th, together with iCloud. The new iOS will be available for both iPads, iPhone 3GS and 4 as well as third and fourth-gen iPod touch devices.

We already wrote about the new iOS 5 features back during WWDC 2011 presentation and you can find all the details here in case you missed it. In addition to those Twitter integration, iMessage, Newsstand and new notification system features that will be available on iOS 5, Apple has also revealed the new Find My Friends app that lets you locate persons that have allowed their locations to be visible.

Apple has also took some time to talk about its iCloud. It should launch on October 12th as well and should save and sync content between iOS 5 and OS X Lion devices. In short, you can keep apps, music and books from iTunes as well as mail, contacts, calendar schedule, photos and documents.