Google is trying to be the industry leader in every Internet service. It looks like it’s working, they’re getting people to use their social networking services at Google+ at a fast pace.

According to Reuters, Google+ has gained 25 million users. That makes it the fastest growing website to garner an audience of such a formidable size, says ComScore.

Google+ launched in late June and managed to attract some 25 million visitors by July 24. It’s expanding at a rate of almost one million users per day.

In contrast, it took Facebook nearly three years to get 25 million visitors, while it took Twitter a little over 30 months.

Right now the numbers indicate Google’s social networking service is performing strongly, but that does not mean that it will continue to succeed in the future. MySpace had 25 million visitors in less than two years, much faster than Facebook or Twitter. But, it’s lost a large number of users in the last year.

There were more than 6 million visitors in the U.S., and India had more than 3.6 million, the data shows.

There were also one million users apiece in Canada and the UK, Germany had over 920,000 and Brazil approximately 780,000. France and Taiwan both boasted 500,000.

So far Google+ is grabbing up a lot of users. The big question is whether or not Google can offer a social networking experience that is interesting enough to sustain the rapid growth they are experiencing.