Following some wayward code on the Hulu Plus page that was discovered, Hulu has confirmed that Playstation Plus will be required for its premium service at first, but then it will transition to a feature for all PS3 users.

Hulu plans to roll out its new premium streaming content to PS3 systems in the coming months, making it the first game console to have a Hulu Plus app.
The only thing displayed on the Hulu Plus Web site right now is a picture of a PS3 with the words “Coming Soon,” but an inventive blogger looked at the page’s source code and found the phrase “The instructions below will help you install Hulu Plus on your PS3. Note: you must be a subscriber of the PlayStation Plus Network.”

It looked to be a phrase that would show up when the PS3 app went live, although that phrase showed up nowhere on the actual site.

Now, Hulu has put an end to the discussion, saying that “during the Hulu Plus preview period a PlayStation Plus subscription is required. Once Hulu Plus is launched more broadly, a PS subscription will not be required for access to Hulu Plus.”

As it already does with Netflix, Microsoft will require a $50/year Xbox Live Gold subscription for users to access Hulu Plus when the Xbox gets equipped with the service next year.