Microsoft is preparing to release Avatar Kinect next week. Avatar Kinect will be released as part of the company’s Xbox Kinect Fun Labs product. Microsoft’s chief research and strategy officer Craig Mundie revealed on Monday that the company plans to issue Avatar Kinect next week:

Company insiders familiar with Microsoft’s plans revealed to WinRumors that the software maker is planning to release Avatar Kinect on July 27. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer originally introduced Avatar Kinect using his own Xbox LIVE avatar at CES earlier this year. Avatar Kinect is a unique way for Kinect users to interact with each other. Kinect supports facial tracking and even facial expressions that will allow users to talk to each other with their avatars. Microsoft is calling Avatar Kinect a “social experience” that will bring your avatar to life.

Microsoft launched Kinect Fun Labs in June. The new service is a permanent addition to the Kinect hub. Fun labs allows Kinect owners to download gadgets to play around with Kinect. Microsoft has released several free gadgets and will make Avatar Kinect available as a free gadget on July 27. The software giant is providing over 15 different stages for users to pick from and use Avatar Kinect. The stages range from kids themed stages to performance and broadcast stages. Avatar Kinect tracks users mouths and eyebrows to animate their avatars live on the screen. Avatar Kinect will allow users to join sessions and chat with each other to create shows that can later be uploaded and shared with others.