Several sites are reporting that Foxconn and Pegatron have already started mass production of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5.  Japanese tech site Macotakara reports that iOS 5 is still not ready, so the new iPhones are being stocked without the OS for now. The news comes as no surprise, since the iPhone 5 is supposed to launch in weeks, exactly when is anyone’s guess.

However, Deutsche Telekom is already accepting preorders for the unannounced phone. The company believes the move will let it plan the launch a bit better and eliminate supply bottlenecks. Since Germany is one of few western countries to still have a solvent economy, it is probably a good idea to anticipate high demand.

In related news, according to Appleinsider, the outfit is apparently looking for “security managers” to look after unreleased gear and prevent it from being lost in cafes and bars. Finally, a job opening for ex-Stasi officers.