Internet Explorer 9 is shaping out to be quite a significant jump over its current incarnation i.e. Internet Explorer 8. The first platform preview of IE9, which was released back in March at MIX10 had significant performance increase over IE8. The new IE9 Preview 2 has even more improvements. The first platform preview of IE9 scored an impressive 55 out of 100 on Acid3 test. This number has now reached 68.

This new build also improves JavaScript and HTML5 performance. The full hardware acceleration for HTML5 in IE9 takes the workload off your computer’s processor, throwing the extra visual bits to the graphics chipset to handle, and hence increasing performance.

We have no hints about when the public beta of Internet Explorer 9 will be available. The platform preview is showing impressive results with every new build. We hope to see this trend continue.

You can try out IE9 Platform Preview now and take it for a test drive to see the improvements for yourself.

Download Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 2