The Russian branch of the IT group Microsoft has released for a short time a screenshot of the upcoming Internet Explorer ninth The new browser will adapt to the trend of hidden menus and slim structure.

Toolbars and menus for favorites, proposed sites and the like are missing in the picture. However, this may come to light through interaction. It is also not excluded that the developers have before recording settings already made to the surface. The authenticity of the screenshots so far no one expressed serious doubts.

The Windows Internet Explorer 9 in Web technologies like the huge backlog to catch up Microsoft – with HTML5 support, a streamlined and “JScript” referred JavaScript implementation, CSS3 extensions and real SVG support. In addition, the browser from the Windows Color System and 2D graphics acceleration via Direct2D offer color management. A playback of H.264-encoded videos using the video tags are embedded HTML5 is also possible. Webmsupport to ensure plugins.

On 15 September Microsoft is expected the first public beta version of Windows Internet Explorer present 9th Even in winter to reach the final version of the Windows users.