Spatial View is developing an app and hardware solution allowing users to watch glasses-free 3D stereoscopic movies and images on their iPhones and Android mobiles. The 3DeeCentral app for the iPhone will appear first. It is a portal to an online movie store where users will be able to download content designed to work in conjunction with Spatial View’s 3DeeSlide. The iPhone app has been submitted to Apple for approval, with an Android app in development too. The 3DeeSlide is a clip on lenticular lens attachment, which works in portrait and landscape modes and also supports touch-through.

According to Business Insider, the experience, while not as compelling as watching 3D on a larger screen using glasses, was nonetheless “awesome” and an exciting development for the smartphone segment. However, the store may initially be handicapped by limited content on opening, but based on user interest would be likely to expand over time.

The app and screen are expected to be debut later this fall. The iPhone screen is expected to cost under $20 and will work on the iPhone 3G and 3GS. Screens for the iPhone 4, the iPad and Android devices will also become available after the initial launch.