We’ve just learned that Firefox Home has been accepted to Apple’s App Store. This is Mozilla’s first submission to the App Store; the app was submitted 15 days ago.

Fennec is Mozilla’s official mobile browser; it’s still in its early stages of testing and development. The Firefox Home app isn’t a browser itself, but it will help Apple mobile users get access to their Firefox bookmarks, browsing history and open tabs — all from within Mobile Safari.

It features an “Awesome Bar” for finding your favorite websites (as determined by how frequently you visit them while browsing from your desktop or laptop computer). Firefox Home is able to accomplish all this through the Firefox Sync add-on, which relays your browsing information and actions to the cloud for later retrieval from various devices. If you don’t have Sync, you’ll have to download it and restart Firefox before using Firefox Home on your Apple device.

The app is free and will work nicely with your iPhone or iPod touch. More detailed installation instructions and feedback channels are available via the Mozilla blog.

Here are some screenshots we’ve obtained from Mozilla: