Google has announced the HTML5 based Gmail for Mobile app for iPad. Just like others, the Californians are also delighted by the larger screen size of the App Tablet which gave them more room to innovate and impress one and all.

The iPad version of Gmail will bring a unique interface, one which even the web based users aren’t familiar with. iPad users will get to use the two-pane interface. The left side of the pane will list down all your conversations while the right sided pan will show the detailed messages. To use this app, all you have to do is navigate to from your iPad.

That’s not the only Google service that will be present on the Apple Tablet. The ever popular YouTube app is there as well which will enable you to watch HD quality videos. What’s the use of Internet without having a good search engine at your disposal. So Google Search is also present inside Safari at the top right side. The iPad specific Maps app is also there to provide you with the super quality Satellite, Street View and an all new terrain view.  Google Mobile App with search is also present on the App Store for the iPad.

Google is not finished yet with the iPad, and is expected to roll out more iPad specific apps in the near future hopefully. May be Google Buzz app is the next announcement, which might not create a buzz among the iPad users.